Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cool House Items

Thank goodness I don't love being in the kitchen or else these would be some more things I would spend money on and lord knows I don't need more things to spend money

Here are some artsy dish towels. There are other designs but these are my two favorite:.

You can get them here: tikoli towels

There are other artsy cool kitchen things on this site (velocityartanddesign) but they might be too expensive for some. I particularly like these cookie jars:

You can get them here: torimitsu bunny

And I could use one of these when I'm typing away at home in bed.

You can find it here: Lap Dog Tray

And I'm always looking for different and artsy baby gifts. My cousin did just have a baby so maybe I will get this for the little one. I love this part of the ad:

"this spectacular piggy bank special, it comes with money inside. no, really, each piggy bank comes with honest-to-goodness take it to the store and spend it american moolah inside. the amount will vary, but don't be surprised to find a few coins, or possibly, a $100 bill."

How cool is that!

You can get them here: piggybank

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