Thursday, February 14, 2008

Last minute Valentine’s Gifts for a Desperate guy to give his Girl

So here it is Valentine’s Day and you haven’t gotten your Girlfriend/Significant other/Booty call a gift. A stop into Duane Reade or CVS won’t do. The florist is outta roses or your pocket is outta cash to buy roses ;) What do you do? Well I have a few suggestions. I’m a girl (at least last I checked) and I’m good at gift ideas. So I have a few thoughts for you that are not your usual box of chocolates:

If she likes OPRAH:

Book - A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle $ 14.00
Candle – Tocca Candle (I LOVE the fragrance Sophia) $16 for the small/ $36 for the large or Ginger Pillar Candle $16.00

Found at:
Book - Amazon or Barnes and Noble or Borders or your local Bookstore
Tocca Candle – Tocca or Sephora or Amazon
Origins Candle - Origins or Macys or Bloomingdales

If she is a fashionista (likes fashion) one or more of these things:
Marc Jacobs Shiny Heart Compact - $5 Gold or Silver
Subscription one year to Vogue ($15) or Lucky ($12) or INSTYLE ($24)
Marc Jacob T-shirt promoting Skin Cancer Awareness $35

Found at:
Compact & T-shirt - Marc Jacobs
Magazines: Vogue or Lucky or or Instyle or or Amazon

Music lover:
iPod nano - Pink ($199) or Red ($199)
You could also add 2 tickets to her favorite singer/group the next time they hit your town

Found at:
iPod - Apple

Gardener/Outdoors lover:

Planet Earth DVD set or book

DVD - $80
Book  - $40

Found at:
Amazon or Barnes and Noble or Borders or your local Bookstore/DVD seller

Instead of Just chocolates for a chocolate lover:

A dozen of Fat Witch brownies - $33.00 (you can get one for $2.75)
Gift tin with 27 Baby Fat Witch Brownies - $43.00 (you can get one baby brownies for $1.40)

Found at:
Fat Witch or if you are in NYC in Chelsea Market 75 9th Ave on the corner of 15th Streeet

New York City lover:

Subscription to Time out Magazine (if she is more of a downtown/indie person)
Subscription to New York Magazine (if she is more of an Uptown/ Foodie person)

Foodie/Person who loves Food/Cooking:
Certificate for Cooking classes slipped into a cookbook

Likes to try new things:
Pay for a semester of Language classes
Dance classes (and to make it even more romantic you can take them together)

Just some thoughts. What did you end up getting or buying for V-day?

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