Friday, February 15, 2008

Patricia Field Found.....Alive and well

A few months ago I wrote a blog called: Awww Remember Patricia Field on 8th St in the Village? recounting my disappointment at the fact that the Patricia Field store I use to frequent, when I was younger, in the Village had closed down. I always loved Patricia Fields original design asthetic and then when she became the stylist on Sex and the City my adoration of her grew. Well someone stopped by my blog the other day to tell me that there is a Patricia Field store at 302 Bowery NYC (I also found a Patricia Field Online store ). So she wasn't really lost ;). She was alive and well all along. I'm so excited. I'm definately going to check it out. In my search, I also found a Patricia Field Blog which had posted on it a clip of the new Sex And The City movie. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE COMES OUT!!! You should totally check out her blog and see what else she has been up to.

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